Arkiv 2017

Sådan Får Du Råd Til En Ny Cykel

ny cykel

We all know that it is expensive to buy a new bike. It requires money, and making money requires hard work. But for me the hard work definitely worth it when I’m sitting on my delicious new bike, and there quicker at work or sports.

In this blog post I will tell how I could afford to buy a new bike, how to do the same, and how you can actually buy himself a nice bike, even if you do not have much money. Let’s go!


Remember that recycling is an option

Keep in mind that it is always an opportunity to take in recycling. You’ve probably heard this proposal before, and you may not be much to buy a used bike. The truth is just that you can get a really cool bike to recyclers, and if you are clever, you can easily fix the bike and make it as good as new. Sometimes it’s well worth it to take in recycling, buying a new bike, take it down to the bike shop, and you’re running.

Another opportunity to buy a used bike is of course also . Here you can find a lot of cool bikes to fine rates, but beware you do not get stolen by buying a bike that has been stolen. To prevent this by requiring a purchase receipt from the time the bicycle was purchased. Decide that if the person can not provide a purchase receipt, you do not buy the bike. It’s that easy.

Another possibility is also police auctions. At these auctions you can buy bikes that have been stolen, but you have not been able to find back to own men. That’s as far as I know the police are behind this initiative, and it is recommended to try at least once. You can really buy a fat bike here, which is almost as good as new.

You can borrow from Modus Finance

Another option is to take a loan. You can either take a bank loan, a consumer loan or a payday loan. I recommend bank loans, but if you want something quick, easy and simple, so can a consumer loan or a payday loan is highly recommended. Here we recommend Modus Finance , as we know many who have used loans of money. It works extremely well, but keep in mind that one day you will repay the borrowed money.

Have a nice day everyone! See you again next week when we have another exciting post for you.